• New Child Abuse Laws are here
    Are your Staff Ready?
    Significant changes to the Child Protective Services Law are due to take effect over the next 6 months. Are your staff up-to-date on training and the new mandates? Our office was part of the efforts to reform the law and we can bring you the latest information on the what, how, when and why of the new Child Abuse Law. Click here to see how we can help your staff get up-to-speed with these changes.
  • Employment Law Issues
    Employment law has become an alphabet soup of complex and often overlapping mandates and procedures. Have your employees figured out how to seek FMLA time just before significant discipline? Click here to discover how our 20+ years of experience helping HR staff and HR professionals can help you protect your company, clients and other employees.
  • Program Licensing/Inspections
    Has passing inspections become a matter of chance?
    With the advent of the Bureau of Human Services Licensing, the landscape changed and so did many of DPW's enforcement procedures for licensing and inspections. Not all changes are smooth. If you have questions or concerns, we have more than 30 years of experience regulating compliance issues with DPW and with local counties. Contact us to explore your options.
  • Tax Exemption Challenges
    Has your tax exemption been challenged?
    Recent case law has prompted several school districts to challenge the tax exempt properties of numerous nonprofit institutions. These challenges have been successful in many instances because of the corporate structures that the property holders have adopted. If your property's tax exemption has been challenged or you are about to file for an exemption contact us to explore your options and discover how to avoid costly problems in the future.

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Our firm offers more than 30 years of experience representing non-profit agencies, governments, and quasi-government agencies in the health, human services, mental health and developmental disabilities fields.  Our experience involves providing detailed legal counsel on day-to-day matters or special projects, including handling litigation at all levels and in all courts, and has seen us working directly with Boards of Directors, CEO’s, CFO’s, Human Resources departments, supervisors and managers, and with line staff at all levels. 

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Compliance Training

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Training . Ongoing training initiatives to help your employees comply with HIPAA/HITECH so you can avoid exposure to costly penalties.

Training on Changes to the Child Abuse Law

Pennsylvania recently expanded the definition of child Abuse and how it is to be reported.  Are your staff up on the new mandates?

Non-Discrimination Training

Can your HR and supervisory staff navigate the complex maze of employment law while still maintaining a productive and positive work environment?