Firm Profile

The Law Office of Guy Vilim, LLC is a Philadelphia area firm that prides itself on providing general legal, corporate law, and counseling services to public and private non-profit agencies that provide:

  • child welfare services;
  • delinquent rehabilitation;
  • education; and,
  • services of all kinds to people with physical, mental and addictive disabilities.

In the course of our work in both public and private practice, we have had extensive experience handling labor and employment related matters, providing advice and support to Executive Directors and Agency Boards of Directors on all general corporate matters and providing guidance to both non-profit and for-profit clients on corporate compliance issues. Our work has involved us in many counseling and litigation forums, including courts and administrative bodies such as unemployment compensation boards, zoning boards, township commissions, license and inspection boards and various governmental regulation and licensing authorities.  

Compliance Training

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Training. Ongoing training initiatives to help your employees comply with HIPAA/HITECH so you can avoid exposure to costly penalties.

Non-Discrimination Training

Can your HR and supervisory staff navigate the complex maze of employment law while still maintaining a productive and positive work environment?

Licensing Problems?

Has passing inspection become a matter of chance? We have 30+ years of experience regulating compliance issues with DPW and with local counties. If your license or organization is in jeopardy because of a failed inspection contact us for assistance.