New Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

The Pennsylvania Legislature recently expanded the definition of child abuse, who is considered a perpetrator and how the abuse is to be reported. However, along with these expanded definitions are harsher penalties for failure to report suspected child abuse under these new definitions.  Are you and your staff up-to-date on the new mandates? 

Our office was part of the effort to reform the laws and we can now bring you the latest up-to-date information on the what, how, when and why of the New Child Abuse Law.  Click here to view our participation>>

We provide a 3-hour onsite classroom practicum based on real life experiences and real cases taken from our own experiences inside Philadelphia's DHS and in cases representing hundreds of Private Provider Employees named as alleged perpetrators in reports of suspected abuse.  Contact us or call us at (610) 566 0711 to learn more or for scheduling.

Compliance Training

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Training. Ongoing training initiatives to help your employees comply with HIPAA/HITECH so you can avoid exposure to costly penalties.

Non-Discrimination Training

Can your HR and supervisory staff navigate the complex maze of employment law while still maintaining a productive and positive work environment?

Licensing Problems?

Has passing inspection become a matter of chance? We have 30+ years of experience regulating compliance issues with DPW and with local counties. If your license or organization is in jeopardy because of a failed inspection contact us for assistance.