Employment Law

Many of the private employer agencies that we currently represent have used us as general and employment counsel in handling matters related to their employees. Many of these agencies employ hundreds of workers and confront a wide array of employment-related issues. This work has allowed us the opportunity to learn and stay abreast of developments in employment law and to gain experience in both counseling and litigating such matters. 

We routinely counsel client employers in discipline, termination, employee due process, benefits, labor organization, layoffs, and employee rights before civil rights boards. We have represented a number of agencies in union contract negotiations and litigation stemming from union organizing efforts, contract negotiation, and the termination of union involvement by employers and employees. We counsel and represent employers in unemployment compensation cases and advise clients on workers’ compensation matters as well as other aspects of employee relations. 

We also provide customized onsite employment law training programs so you can minimize PHRC and EEOC complaints. Our employment law training programs deal with a variety of topics including hostile work environment, discrimination, sexual harassment, complying with the ADA and the ADAAA, FMLA, and a range of other statutes that affect your workplace. Contact us to discuss your unique training needs.

Compliance Training

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Training. Ongoing training initiatives to help your employees comply with HIPAA/HITECH so you can avoid exposure to costly penalties.

Non-Discrimination Training

Can your HR and supervisory staff navigate the complex maze of employment law while still maintaining a productive and positive work environment?

Licensing Problems?

Has passing inspection become a matter of chance? We have 30+ years of experience regulating compliance issues with DPW and with local counties. If your license or organization is in jeopardy because of a failed inspection contact us for assistance.