The Employer and HIPAA Training


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a federal law enacted in 1996 and  subsequently revised in 2009 with the ARRA/HITECH Act and again in 2013 with the Omnibus Rule. 

The latest changes to the Act subject employers to much higher enforcement risks and significantly increased exposure to six- and seven-figure civil monetary penalties.  Ensuring your employees are up-to-speed on the fundamental aspects of HIPAA and its revisions will help to decrease your risk of exposure.  Our on-site training program provides you with the ability to customize content to address your unique exposure.  Contact us or call (610) 566 0711 for details.    

Topics Include

    • What is "Personally Identifiable Health Information" and what forms does it take. 
    • What are covered entities and how might an employer be a covered entity. 
    • How/Why there is an increased risk of HIPAA enforcement. 
    • Sponsoring a Health Plan--self-insured heath plans, fully insured plans. 
    • HIPAA in terms of workers' compensation claims. 
    • HIPAA and employee personnel files.

    • HIPAA and the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act.
    • Pre-Employment physicals, drug tests and fitness for duty examinations.
    • HIPAA and more restrictive State and Federal laws.
    • Changes in privacy notices,
    • Business associates--those who contract with or do business with covered health-care providers, health-plans or healthcare clearing houses--and the implications of entering into Business Associate Agreements.